"Black Panther Obsidian" BOYBEADS 10mm Black Obsidian Bead Bracelet


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The black panther is a highly intelligent feline native to the Americas. Known for its speed, agility and cleverness, the panther is respected and widely used in indigenous mythology and spirituality.


10mm polished black rainbow obsidian, stainless steel panther head, silver hematite. Made by hand in USA with all natural stones and securely sealed on professional grade stretch string. 

Rainbow obsidian looks like black onyx from a distance, but upon closer inspection, its majestic rainbow properties become apparent. It is truly a unique specimen to be treasured.

Obsidian is formed when hot lava comes into contact with cold water in volcanic regions. Some of the minerals included in obsidian are iron, titanium and manganese.  This beautiful crystal looks a lot like matte black onyx, but it is very different. When examining obsidian closely, you will see the rainbow shimmering effect on some of the beads. It is quite beautiful and mystical. Obsidian was historically used in weapons and blades as the natural stone is sharp and strong. Fortune tellers used obsidian as mirrors since its surface is highly glossy and reflective in the polished form. 

Zodiac: Obsidian is wonderful for all zodiac signs but especially scorpio and sagittarius.

Chakra: Forehead, Third Eye