"Augustus" 8mm Lemon Agate, Hematite, Stainless Steel Merkaba

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Augustus meditates his way into higher dimensions at will. Whenever he finds himself overwhelmed with his human experience, he retreats to his dark space and calls upon his internal light body to activate. Augustus is never afraid of obstacles that approach him as he is completely aware of his own connection to the vastness of light and space that protect him.


Made to order in NYC with 8mm lemon agate, gold hematite, stainless steel Star of David merkaba.

 *Selecting "silver" color will change the gold hematite beads on this bracelet to silver hematite beads. The stainless steel merkaba will remain the same.

What is a merkaba?

A merkaba is light spirit body. The shape is formed by two intersecting tetrahedrons that create an energy field which can connect the human consciousness to higher realms that lie beyond our normal capabilities. There are multiple methods of activating your merkaba, but the most widely use method is through mediation in total darkness. This method is excellent for anyone who seeks answers to perplexing situations that life may bring about. The goal is to find balance of the masculine and feminine energies to allow access to unlimited potential.