"Aquarius Energy" 01/21-02/19 Zodiac Custom Multi-Crystal bead bracelet guys


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Aquarius (Jan 21- Feb 19)

Ruling Planet- Uranus, Saturn

Element- Air

Quality- Fixed


When I think of Aquarius, these are some of the words that first come to mind: generous, strong-willed, self-love, adventurous, exploration, curiosity, open-minded, fun-loving, innocent.

 What I Love About Aquarius

I am not an astrologer, but I have the pleasure of having many aquarians in my life, so I share from experience rather than study.

Dear Aquarius,

I love that you lead by example. You do not look around to see what others are doing before choosing your path. You walk alone and could care less about what's popular in public opinion. You are your own person and you take your individuality very seriously. You enjoy being the black sheep and relish in your quirks. In fact, your unique outlook and your state of mind provide protection for you in all that you do. Thanks to your quick wit, you will think of a way out of any danger that may present itself. Perhaps a bit too sure of yourself, you may even place yourself in dangerous situations just to test your abilities. Your luck never seems to run out.

Aquarius, you know that you are chosen by the Gods, among the favorite golden children, but you try your best not to flaunt your gifts before the less fortunate. You may even dim your light so as to not incite jealousy in others. I say shine on! Let them go blind! You are here to lead by example- something you do so well.

You've learned a lot from Leo- you do everything with style and grace. Everything! You have a heart of gold, often making generous contributions to charitable causes and showering others with your light.

People think they know you, but they have no idea. You wear many hats and you have many faces, often hidden carefully away until just the right moment. You are capable of anything under the sun. Naughty, naughty Aquarius- Prone to keeping dark secrets, hidden addictions, undercover love affairs, all under the guise of that innocent, childlike face and those bright eyes. Were your actions brought to light, nobody would even believe it! You play the part so well...Bravo Aquarius. You've got them all fooled.

I love you Aquarius. I thank you for all the gifts you bring to the world. Shine on!


With Love,


Sebastian Mitchell

You don’t have to be born under the sign of Aquarius to tap into the energy of those who are. Check your birth chart to see where you have Aquarius energy. If you find yourself in need of these good vibes, wear your Aquarius energy bracelet to strengthen your own connection to these qualities and energies within you. 

Energy: Healing Gemstones and Crystals. Schreiber. 2003 pp. 43




Rose Quartz


Hematite is grounding and stabilizing for Aquarius

Amethyst encourages Aquarius to elevate to his crown chakra to activate his highest potential and timeline

Black Onyx

 Made to order in USA with 10mm