"Alfi" Breast Cancer Awareness Cracked Clear Crystal Bead Bracelet by BOYBEADS

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Breast Cancer Awareness Bone River Stone, Pink Agate, Rose Quartz Bead Bracelet by BOYBEADS

Charity Collection

$10 from the sale of each bracelet in this collection will be donated to a non-profit organization for breast cancer awareness, prevention and research.

Our Guarantee

Our beaded bracelets are made-to-order in USA for each customer. There is no pre-assembled stock on a shelf. We begin working on your bracelet after your order is placed. Our semi-precious stones are sustainably sourced and made of natural materials.


Made to order with clear cracked crystal, silver hematite, pink agate, rose quartz. River stone is calming, cooling and relaxing. Rose quartz is the stone of love for others, self-love and healing. Hematite is for grounding, protection and stability. This bracelet supports healing, love and calming of the mind, body and soul. With wear, the crystal becomes more clear and the natural cracked pattern will become more visible, displacing the unique pattern of each bead.