"Akeem Red Duo" BOYBEADS 12mm Holiday Red Wood Bead 36" Handmade Necklace for Him


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Akeem is a statement piece that won't stress your neck because of the lightweight wood beads. They take up quite a bit of space but they feel great on the neck. Painted a soothing hunter green, Akeem is both masculine and natural all at once.

Earth Conscious

Your Akeem necklace ships in our brand new XL reusable jute style fabric gift pouch to reduce landfill waste. We love our planet! Please reuse your pouch to safely carry other items of your choice.


Made to order in USA with 12mm wood beads painted in a holiday red shiny and matte duo with optional BOYBEADS shiny gold logo in rear. 14mm dark brown wood accent bead.


Necklace measures 36" and can be pulled over most heads.