BOYBEADS has continually conceived well-balanced staple bracelets that encourage the modern man to fully utilize his intrinsic right to willfully own and curate his unique fashion identity. Each bracelet has a name and character representative of the man it is designed for. In an effort to diversify our advertising methods, we welcome influencers who are motivated to earn commissions through actively engaging potential customers via social media, blogs, and word of mouth.
* As our BOYBEADS Influencers program is in BETA mode, influencers should expect updates in the near future.

Influencer Benefits
Commission: Earn 12% commission on each confirmed sale from items listed in all store categories. 
Earn commission via your own unique shopping link to BOYBEADS.
Earn commission via your own unique BOYBEADS coupon code.
Cookie Length30 days
Average Shopping Cart Value : $135 
In the following example, a customer has entered coupon code "sebastian" for 10% off. The use of this unique coupon code triggers our system to credit affiliate/influencer Sebastian for 12% of this sale. Sebastian will earn $16.20 for referring this customer to BOYBEADS.
What do Influencers Do?

  1. Share our content on your website, social media channels and through word of mouth.
  2. Create high quality content that showcases your personal way of wearing BOYBEADS.
  3. When your followers click your unique shopping link or use your unique coupon code to shop at BOYBEADS, we pay you 12% of the shopping cart value.
Apply for our affiliate program here.