"Abidemi" Bespoke 32" freshwater pearl, black obsidian, amethyst, ruby agate Necklace Sterling Silver Handmade Necklace for Him


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Abidemi isn't really the quiet type of guy. Well, he used to be shy and quiet, but he quickly overcame that phase of life once he realized how much people liked him. Abidemi is talkative, friendly and a very snazzy dresser who seems to attract much attention with his accessories. He is one of a kind, a rare jewel indeed.  Are you Abidemi?

This necklace is constructed with a variety of beads sized from 3mm to 10mm and of both faceted, smooth, polished and matte beads. It is quite unique and well balanced. 


Bespoke necklace made with 6mm crystals, black tourmaline, amethyst, 8mm matte black obsidian, ruby agate, hematite spacers, irregular 7-8mm freshwater pearls, stainless steel royal crown ring in size 11 pendant that is removable,  925 sterling silver 12 x 10mm lobster clasp, 49 strand jewelers steel wire to withstand 40 pounds of weight or force. This necklace may be pulled over most heads without being unhooked.

Accents beads: Necklace begins and ends with 3mm lapis lazuli, 6mm black tourmaline,

Size: 32 inches, ring size 11 can be removed from necklace and worn on finger

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